Tourist SOS… Sunscreen, hat and emergency Grexit preparedness!

It’s always good to be prepared

The U.K. Foreign Office is on the brink of issuing new travel advice to British holidaymakers as Greece looks set for an economic meltdown. London’s officials state that current advice is “under review” even though the final draft is set to be made once the situation becomes clearer. Among the “issues” that tourists may be challenged by is the risk of cash machines shutting down if Greece defaults and the violent protests that could take place if the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) caves in to its international creditors demands.

The standing foreign travel advice for Greece was posted on May 6 and is as follows:


Travel agencies are also considering contingency plans ahead of an emergency summit of European leaders in Luxembourg on Monday with tourists arriving with wads of cash in case bailout negotiations fail and banks limit withdrawals.