Trump finally puts the record straight (VIDEO)

The US President said some hard truths


By Panagiotis Karampelas*

These days it seems that being objective is unpopular. Donald Trump, for some people, is the man they love to hate.

After the terrible events in Charlottesville, many condemned the US President for not being practically one sided in his criticism of the violence that broke out there.

However, sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow as it can bring down certain convictions that people have and turn the spotlight to dark corners of a story that may give them an unsettling feeling. And this is a burden that people are not always willing to accept…

In his August 15th Press Conference, the US President Donald Trump stated some of those truths, which are based on the undisputed facts of this case and should be brought into this wider conversation of what really happened during the terrible events of Charlottesville and where do the Western societies go in general, as regard to the way they approach their own history, especially those darker parts of it…


* Panagiotis Karampelas is a Strategic & Political analyst.