Tsipras blames Eurogroup for forcing cap controls

He charged that decision precluded ECB from raising liquidity for cash-strapped Greek banking system

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras blamed a unanimous Eurogroup decision – sans an absence Greek FinMin – not to acquiesce to an Athens’ request for an extension of the now concluding bailout plan as forcing the BoG to request capital controls.

In a nationally televised address days after he declared a referendum on creditors’ last proposal, Tsipras also said the rejection is part of efforts to cancel the referendum, calling it “blackmail and a massive shame”, while he sharply criticized European lenders – the institutions the radical leftist government asked for increased funding.

“I again sent a request for an extension to European leaders, They are the only ones that can provide the tools to the ECB,” he added.

With several days of closed banks possibly ahead and with a cap on withdrawals, he nevertheless assured Greeks that bank deposits, as well as wages and pensions, are secure.

Along those lines, he urged … calm and patience in the coming days.

“Any difficulties that will arise will be dealt with calmly and resolutely. The more calmly we face difficulties, the quicker they will be overcome, and consequences will be milder,” he said.

Then, in recalling the words of FDR and his pre-election talks of a “south European” bloc, he said:

“Remember, in these crucial hour fear is our only fear. We must not let it (fear) defeat us. We will overcome. Greeks’ dignity in the face of blackmail and injustice will send a message of hope and pride throughout Europe.”