Tsipras to Turkey: We are not threatening anyone, but we fear no one either

Greek PM addressed cabinet

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said Greece was threatening nobody but did not fear anyone either, referring to relations with Turkey, during a cabinet meeting on Holy Tuesday.
“We are not threatening anyone, but we are not afraid of anyone”, he said, urging Turkey to abandon inflammatory rhetoric that led nowhere.
Only hours after Defence Minister Panos Kammenos labeled Turkish President Recep Erdogan “insane” and predicted the two Greek servicemen could be held for the next 15 years in the prison of Adrianople, the Greek PM said he expected Turkey to release the two soldiers, as Greece had done in the past on similar occasions.
“Our neighbors should abandon their attacks and show, as quickly as possible, some good will to speed up the return of the two Greek officers held in Andrianople. Because it is unfair for them to be held”, he said.