Turkey issues Search & Rescue NAVTEX for the area around the Greek island of Chios!

The search continues for a 22-year-old missing Greek-American

A Search & Rescue operation is running the danger of becoming a serious diplomatic insident between Greece and Turkey.

Α 68-year-old Greek-American man was found dead and his 22-year-old son is missing after a dinghy boat carrying four passengers capsized off Oinousses island.

The man’s daughter, 24, and his friend also 68, were rescued.

The 24-year-old woman was spotted in the sea at dawn by a fishing boat and she reported that their boat capsized.

The coast guard was alerted by the fishermen and after a rescue mission they found the body of the Greek American man. The search continues for his 22-year-old missing son.

Three coast guard patrol boats, a naval vessel, three private boats and an Air Force helicopter are searching the area for him.

However, Turkey issued an illegal NAVTEX securing the area for a SAR operation and sent its Coast Guard patrol ships to impose it. The Hellenic Navy and Coast Guard are allready in place and until now they report that there have been no threatening moves on behalf of the Turks.

Source: greekreporter