Turkey: There will no country to defend if Greece lets defectors free!

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister levels direct threat against Greece

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu threatened Greece after one of the eight servicemen, who had sought protection in Greece, was granted political asylum by a special committee. “The terrorists you release today are like dynamites ready to explode, and you may not have a country to protect when they do,” he warned. Greece is not aware that every FETÖ member (the group of exiled Turkish religious leader Fethullah Gulen which is held responsible by the Erdogan regime) they release is a big threat to their country, Mr. Cavusoglu added in a tweet on his personal account. He went on level direct threats against Greece, accusing the country of holding a hostile stance towards Turkey. “It is our responsibility to warn them (Greece) now in a friendly manner, but the granting of asylum is not a friendly stance at all”, he tweeted in a second post.
The decision by Greek asylum authorities is a blow to Ankara, which has repeatedly requested for the co-pilot to be extradited, but the judges ruled that his human rights would be at risk, Agence France-Presse reported on Dec. 30, citing a source.
They took into account reports from human rights groups and the Council of Europe, according to the source, that warned Turkey has regularly committed human rights abuses against coup suspects.
Despite Turkey’s assertions, the judges said there was no evidence to suggest the co-pilot had participated in the failed coup.
A ruling on the seven other military officers will be made in the coming weeks.