Turkish hackers: We have access to sensitive data from the Greek Foreign Ministry

Hackers spoke to Greek TV

In an interview with Greek TV station Skai, three Turkish hackers threatened to launch a series of cyber attacks against Greek targets. Speaking to journalist Manolis Kostidis in one of their offices in central Constantinople, the men, in their mid-30s, warned they had the capacity to leak classified data that fell into their possession from the Greek Foreign Ministry.

The hackers who say they are members of a group called “Internet Warriors”, said they attacked Greece due to “the unfair rulings of the Greek justice for the eight Turkish soldiers (members of FETO group)” – wanted by the Turkish government on charges of treason during the failed coup attempt.

According to their claims, they are able to take crash Greek agencies and organizations, and this will depend in the next few days on the decision by the Greek authorities on the eight Turkish officers. They told Kostidis their group numbered in the thousands.