Turkish media concerned over installation of Greek-Israeli radar on Crete

The media says it is targeted against Turkey

Turkish media are providing widespread coverage of the plans by Greece and Israel to announce the installation of Greek-Israeli radar on the island of Crete, which will control the eastern Mediterranean region. The plans, as the Turkish newspapers report will be announced during the trilateral meeting between Greece, Israel, and Cyprus to be held in Crete.

Hurriyet notes in its article titled “Israel’s eye on Crete” that once Turkey started its activities for the exploration of oil and gas in the region, Israel’s radar returned to Crete.
The newspaper claims that if the installation of the radar moves forward, the countries will be able to scan and control an area of sea, land, and air up to 600 km. According to the newspaper, it will control all of Cyprus, the Aegean Sea until the Dardanelles straits and the Mediterranean.

Yeni Safak writes in a piece titled “Israel creates a Base in Crete” that the system will be in the position to observe the Mediterranean basin.
Newspaper Star approaches the topic with a title: “Israel and Greece install radar in Crete: Hostility towards Turkey is on the common list of interests”.