Two Greek-Cypriots arrested at buffer zone by the Turkish-Cypriot police!

It will be decided today if they will go to court or not!


Two Greek Cypriot men were arrested and detained by Turkish Cypriot police on Wednesday night after allegedly strayed into the buffer zone in Athienou.

According to reports from the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), two men – a 45-year-old from Troullous and a 78-year-old from Nicosia – had attempted to visit a quarry used for producing gypsum plaster when they were detained.

The two men are being held in the north on suspicion of “illegally entering a military area” and are currently detained in Kythrea (Degirmenlik).

Both men are said to be in good health with Turkish Cypriot police set to decide on Thursday whether to charge them in court or to release them.