Two Turkish Special Forces officers have allegedly been arrested in Orestiada, Greece! (PHOTO)

There is no official confirmation yet

According to some sources two Turkish low rank officers of the Elite Bordo Bereli team, which was dissolved after the failed coup last summer, were arrested in Orestiada near the borders with Turkey in Evros.
The two officers are wanted in their country and it seems that there will be new diplomatic complications now, after the previous incident with the eight officers who landed with a helicopter in Alexandroupolis asking for political asylum last summer.
The two officers, according to the same information, have also applied for political asylum three days ago.
It is still not clear, not officially at least, why these specific officers are wanted in Turkey,but the most possible scenario is that they were involved in the attempted assassination of President Erdogan.
None of the information above have been officially verified but everything is expected to be clarified is the following hours.