Varoufakis: Let there be a special inquiry on parallel payments plan

Former Greek Finance Minister insists he did the right thing

Former Greek Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis continued his revelations regarding the first 6 months of SYRIZA’s rule in 2015, revealing that Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was totally aware of the plan of a parallel payments system via the Greek online tax system called taxisnet from 2012. In an interview to radio station 9.89 Alpha, Mr. Varoufakis on Wednesday, he claimed the Greek PM was privy to the plan of the implementation of a plan B in the event the negotiations with Greece’s creditors collapsed. Mr. Varoufakis said he was willing to be subjected to any kind of legal scrutiny. “If an inquiry is set up, a special court or a court-martial, let the cards fall on the table”, he said responding to the demand by major opposition party New Democracy for an official investigation. He added that even the conservative party of ND should have a similar contingency plan.