Video shows Turkish F-16 jets flying 150m over Evros village on Greek border side

Sources say the jets harassed a Greek helicopter

Footage of a pair of Turkish F-16 fighter jets flying 150 metres over a Greek village in the region of Evros on Wednesday was captured on video, revealing Ankara’s clear intentions to escalate tensions with Greece in an effort to put more pressure on the EU after its failed Syria military incursion.

The footage shows the invading Turkish jets flying at an altitude of 500 near the village of Pythios in Evros on the Greek side of the borders.

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The dangerous maneuvres present a clear threat and provocation to Greek helicopters conducting aerial patrols on the borderline with Turkey where thousands of mainly illegal migrants and refugees have amassed in a coordinated plan by Turkish authorities.

Reliable sources say that Turkish F-16s flying over Greek territory at altitudes ranging from 10,000 feet to just 500 feet above ground attempted to harass a Greek military helicopter flying over the Greek side of Evros on a mission border surveillance to detect illegal immigrants.