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Warning! These are the most carcinogenic foods!

…and they are foods we eat almost every day!

Unfortunately, 14.000.000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year and while many of these cases are due to heredity, the majority is caused by our everyday nutrition which is based on heavily processed foods. So, we have made for you a list of the ones with the worst record.
Try to avoid them!


Processed meats
Sausages, salami etc. are probably the most processed foods you can get. The chemicals conservatives are used in order to have a longer shelf-life and to look juicer, more attractive to the consumer. Sodium Nitrite is used a lot and it is responsible for colon cancer.


Soft Drinks
The quantity of sugar soft drinks have is unbelievable! But that was not all: caramel as well as 4-methylimidazole have been blamed by many researches for cancer.


A sugar substitute mostly used in hot beverages and diet foods. While you do avoid sugar, according to researches aspartame as well as sucralose and saccharin have been linked with cancer too.


Fishery pond Salmon
According to Dr. David Carpender of the Albany University, salmons of this specific origin lack Vitamin D and they are also infected with chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides making them dangerous for carcinogenesis.


Pop-corn in the microwave
According to some researches the specific bags are so full of chemicals that cause sterility as well as cancer in the liver, testicles, lungs and pancreas. Malignant tumors can develop too…


Canned food
Cans contain BPA which is responsible for infertility, heart diseases and many more. Especially canned tomatoes are to be avoided as they seem to absorb the specific chemical easier than other foods.


Trans fat
Trans fat is used to preserve the food for a longer period of time. This may be good for the food industries but its not good for the consumers, as they have been blamed for cancer, among other diseases.


Fructose corn syrup
It can be found in biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, fruit juices etc. It is a great food for cancer cells and it should really be avoided.