Athina Onassis falls off horse during competition (video)

She was taking part in Cannes competition

Athina Onassis is considered a very skilled equestrian athlete. The heiress of Aristotle Onassis’s fortune has taken part in numerous international events with great success, but recently in a Cannes competition, she lost her balance and fell off her horse. Fortunately, she did not suffer any injuries.
The moment of the fall was caught on video by Alexis Mantheakis, a close associate, and associate of her father Thierry Russell. He expressed concern that something was wrong with Athena, as she seemed not to be in good shape while preparing for the competition for quite some time.
“Athina Onassis yesterday. The bad performances/luck continue as she falls from her formerly perfect performing horse Cinsey, multimillion-dollar animal, and is eliminated. What is going on after the perfect rounds and now one bad performance centre after another with horse refusals, multiple penalty points and now the worst as the horse throws her on a jump?”, he wrote.