Watch out! Can your luxury hotel room make you sick?

Secrets that hotel owners don’t want you to know…

Even luxury hotels have their blind spots. Just because you don’t see germs doesn’t mean they are not there.

1. Take beds and duvet off the bed
Hotels should clean anything that comes in contact with the previous guest’s skin, but they don’t always do so. Hotels are hesitant when it comes to washing blankets every day.

2. Vacuuming is not enough
Guests assume that hotel carpets are regularly vacummed but that’s not always the case. Wear slippers and avoid direct contact with the carpet… Don’t drop your clothes on the floor.

3. Don’t use the wooden luggage rack
Wood is a breeding ground for bugs. it is better to leave the bag on the floor.

4. Don’t use the wall-mounted hairdryer
TV remotes and bedside lamp switches are unhygienic as hotel maids forget to squirt them clean, but the item that contains the most germs in the room is the wall-mounted hairdryer.

5. Avoid mini-bar snacks
Just because they are overpriced doesn’t mean that the are of good quality. Oftentime the food is left for over a long period of time.

6. Don’t drink from the bathroom glasses!
Lazy maids may clean the glasses with a window spray! Most hotels don’t put their room glasses through the dishwashers. You may catch germs from previous occupants.