Where Greece ranks globally in Covid-19 cases, deaths and per million victims

Greece has a good position overall

Greece is currently ranked in the 40th position worldwide, in total number of diagnosed cases, compared to the 32nd a week ago, with 1,061 confirmed cases as of March 28.

The top five in confirmed cases are the US (123,750), Italy (92,472), China (81,439), Spain (73,235) and Germany (57,695).

The top five countries in the number of deaths from the coronavirus are Italy (10,023), Spain (5,982), China (3,300), Iran (2,517) and France (2,314). Most deaths per million are San Marino (648), Italy (166), Spain (128), Andorra (39) and the Netherlands (37).

Greece also has about 102 confirmed cases per million population (double that of the previous week), a proportion that puts it quite low, at 66th worldwide (compared to 55th on Sunday 22 March) and only 22nd between of the countries of the European Union. The worldwide average incidents per million population is about 85.

Our country – with 32 deaths – ranks 28th worldwide in the number of victims of the disease, from 24th a week ago. In terms of its population, Greece has so far had about three deaths per million population, which places it 33rd internationally and 16th in the European Union. The world average is four deaths per million inhabitants, so our country is below the average.

Also, with 66 patients in serious-critical condition, Greece is 20th internationally in serious cases (it was 17th seven days ago). Serious cases now make up almost 7% of active cases in our country.

In terms of active outbreaks (ie those resulting from deaths and recoveries from the total outbreaks), our country with 977 cases is in 33rd place, as it was a week ago. Greece is finally in 34th position (compared to 31st seven days ago), in terms of the number of patients with Covid-19 who have recovered (52 so far).

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