Woman marries herself in Santorini after fiance dumped her!

It was the first solo wedding on the Greek island

A woman who was jilted by her fiancé three months before the big day married herself in a £21,000 ceremony in Santorini. Laëtitia Nguyen, 38, walked down the aisle alone before exchanging vows with herself on the picturesque island of Santorini in May this year. The finance manager, 38, from Reims, France had planned the wedding of her dreams with her fiancé who she’d been in a relationship with for three years. But three months before they were going to tie the knot he became distant and eventually walked out in February. Laëtitia said: ‘My fiancé and I were on the exact same page.

‘In mid-February 2017 we split up and I don’t know why. ‘I am still very hurt and always will be, but life is a gift and I must enjoy it.’ Laëtitia’s wedding was the first solo wedding in Santorini, with the ceremony costing £18,000 and the dress costing just over £3,000. She said: ‘You can’t erase a day, so I needed to turn it into something very positive. ‘It was exactly like a normal wedding, just without a groom.

She said she wanted to go through with the marriage to affirm her own self-worth, saying it gave her a big confidence boost. ‘I’m very proud of myself and incredibly grateful to my family and friends,’ she said.

source: metro.co.uk