Turkish PM: “Greece is smaller than a Turkish county – Smaller than Constantinople”!

“Do not pay any attention to them”


What if the cause is insignificant? Turkey’s prime minister has shown that even if the subject of a speech is about…aliens, Greece can fit in there as one of Turkey’s “bad enemies”.

Binali Yildirim spoke about the statistics on the universities of Turkey and the access of Turkish citizens to them. Having said that women go to universities in larger absolute numbers than men, he urged them to try harder.

He then revealed that for every 1.5 university teachers in Turkey, there is one soldier…

He went on to say that 100% of children attend primary education, 83% are in secondary education, and 43% attend higher education.

“Turkey is the second country on the planet regarding access to education. The first is Greece, but do not pay any attention to them. It is smaller than any of our counties. It is a bit smaller than Constantinople” he said in his attempt to emphasize the importance of Turkey’s achievements…