Young Greeks trust family more than anything, new poll shows

They have the least trust in politics

The only institution that young people in Greece show unequivocal trust to is the family, according to a study conducted by ALCO polling company in collaboration with the Greek scouts, while the rates of confidence for volunteerism were also very high.
The findings of the large study titled “The positions and opinions of the young people in the Greek crisis”, which was conducted on a nationwide scale in youth between 17-29, was aimed at exploring their aspirations and the values they held high. The results presented at the NEW HOTEL, by the head of ALCO, Kostas Panagopoulos, showed that the expectation index is positive (54%) and that positive feeling trumped the negative ones (especially among 15-16 and 17-20-year-olds). However, the intensity of disappointment and negative emotions is very greater than desired.

An interesting finding is that youth in Greek place a great a deal of value in interpersonal relationships, (where dignity, friendship, and solidarity prevail) and at the level of priorities (where personal life and friends outweigh professional prospects and rights). It seems that the core of the social approach of young people is interpersonal relationships (probably as a counterweight to the high levels of insecurity and uncertainty), with the professional prospects with the pursuit of success following with very high rates.
In contrast, the youth appears to have little faith in political parties, the parliament and trade unions, as they are considered as the least trustworthy institutions.