4.600-year-old Greek “Pyramid” found in the Aegean Sea…is not a Pyramid after all

Who, exactly, lived at Dhaskalio is still a mystery…


News of a 4.600-year-old “pyramid” or “pyramid island,” supposedly discovered on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, has been making the rounds online.

Turns out, what these news reports referred to as a pyramid was not like another Great Pyramid of Giza but rather a tiny island, scholars who are excavating the site told Live Science.

We talked with these experts — and obtained a bevy of pictures and documents detailing the excavations — and found that, although the site isn’t really a pyramid, it did result in many interesting discoveries.

Called Dhaskalio, this little island is located about 90 meters (295 feet) west of the island of Keros. When Dhaskalio was taking shape 4,600 years ago, sea levels were lower, and the island was part of Keros, the researchers said.

Dhaskalio is naturally shaped like a pyramid; in addition, ancient people had built a series of walls on the island, making it look a bit like a step pyramid.

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