A slap in the face of Turkey – US House passes Defence Bill with sanctions against Turkey over Russian S-400 missiles

The vill will now go to the Senate for approval

The US House of Representatives passed with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote the $740-billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes sanctions against Turkey for acquiring the Russian S-400 anti-missile system.

According to Reuters, the bill was passed with 335 votes in favour and 78 against – something that ensures a large majority. Now, the defence bill must be approved by the Senate to enter into force.

Trump warned Republicans on Tuesday to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) over his issues with an amendment that would strip Confederate names from military bases and because it lacks a repeal of Section 230, which deals with social media liability protections that he claims hurts Republicans.

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“I hope House Republicans will vote against the very weak National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I will VETO. Must include a termination of Section 230 (for National Security purposes), preserve our National Monuments, & allow for 5G & troop reductions in foreign lands!” Trump tweeted Tuesday.