Antetokounmpo empties supermarket shelves to give to the needy (photos)

The NBA superstar gave to his fellow Athenians for Christmas

Giannis Antetokounmpo showed his kindness and deep charitable side when he handed out food to the needy in his old neighbourhood of Sepolia at the Church of Saint Meletios in Athens.

His action touched the hearts of the locals, with father Father George Stathopoulos, the Church’s priest revealing to that the children of the church’s Sunday catechism school every year at Christmas and Easter collected food and basic necessities for the families who really needed it.

“So Giannis, having in mind those difficult times he experienced with his family, wanted to make this offer. The children of the catechism schools collected some food and make the ‘package of Love’ and take it to families in need. Having these images in him, Giannis wanted to participate in what is done every year by the children of the parish”, said Father George.


“Those who know Giannis, Thanasis, Kostas, Alexis Veronika Antetokounmpo, know very well how to distribute food in the area where they grew up, without spreading it in the media, is the least they can offer. O many occasions, since the family left for the United States and now that they have wealth, they help their fellow human beings here in Greece.”