Archaeological sites – Easter operating hours

Museums will be the first cultural sites that will reopen on May 15

Archaeological sites throughout Greece will remain closed for two days during the Easter holiday season, according to a special schedule announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Specifically, archeological sites across the nation will not open on Easter Sunday, May 2, on Easter Tuesday, May 4, a day on which the May Day holiday has been transferred.

On Holy Saturday, May 1, the archeological sites will open from 8:30 in the morning until 15:30 at noon, while on Easter Monday, May 3, the current schedule will be observed.

Currently, under the emergency pandemic measures, only the open archaeological sites are allowed to operate, while archeological museums, monuments, and caves still remain closed.

According to information, however, the museums will be the first cultural sites that will reopen with the beginning of the gradual lifting of the measures, with the date of their opening being determined around May 15.

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