Belgium updates ‘orange’ status of Greece on Covid-19 list

Greece had appeared as a country whose citizens would be tested and quarantined when returning to Belgium

Speaking to Belgian media, the country’s Covid-19 spokesperson clarified that a map showing Greece among the ‘orange’ countries (meaning visitors entering Belgium form Greece would be quarantined)  in in the tri-colour map that appeared on the Foreign Ministry’s site had not been updated.

The list of countries is based on epidemiological characteristics, according to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, which published a list of “red”, “orange” and “green” countries. Greece with six more countries (Cyprus, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Portugal, Spain) appears on the “orange” list, which means that those returning to Belgium are recommended to be tested and quarantined.

“Do not look at the tri-colour marking on the ‘holiday’ option of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also has information related to the old colour labelling, which has completely changed,” the Covid-19 spokesperson Yves Van Laethem Milton told media outlet rtbf last night.

The Belgian spokesman for the fight against coronavirus noted that “for the next 24 to 36 hours, citizens should not be advised” of this list or which will be renewed.

According to diplomatic sources, regarding the fact that Greece is included in the “orange” list, yesterday there was a communication between the Greek authorities and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while today the two sides are expected to come into contact again.