Car Covid-19 mask rules explained – When and where do we wear them

There is a 300-euro fine for violation of the regulation

Greek authorities are preparing for an extension of the Covid-19 lockdown measures for at least another week (maybe until December 7) as the course of the coronavirus remains worrying.

The strict measures for the use of the mask will therefore also continue. On many occasions during the current lockdown citizens were slapped with the hefty 300-euro fine for not wearing a mask in cars, as there was some confusion about what the rule was.

When the mask in the car is MANDATORY

The use of a face mask in the car is mandatory when the passengers are not first-degree relatives.
When the mask in the car is NOT mandatory

Masks are not compulsory in the car when: The passengers are members of the same family (eg single parents or parents with children).
When the driver is the only passenger in the car.

How many passengers are allowed

In the “orange” areas, four passengers (including the driver) are allowed in the car, while 3 are permitted in the “red” areas (including the driver). Of course, there is no restriction if the passengers are parents with their children.