CIA file on Russian ESP experiments released – but you knew that, didn’t you?

Declassified memo details two Russian scientists’ 1980s research, claiming one ‘perfected his method’ of extra-sensory perception

In a recently declassified memo, CIA agents in 1991 described two Russian scientists who were conducting experiments on extrasensory perception, known as ESP, which is the ability to gain information, or influence physical objects, using only the mind.

The memo said one of the Russian scientists had “perfected” his methods.

A short document was published on Monday on the Black Vault, an online archive of declassified government documents typically obtained through public records requests filed by the site’s founder, John Greenewald.

It is unclear what purpose the declassified document served, but it details the bizarre research of two Soviet scientists who performed ESP experiments in the 1980s.

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One, Konstantin Buteyko, was described as having “perfected his method” of ESP by conducting experiments in which he would put a volunteer in the middle of a room that had two concave mirrors on opposite sides. The document noted that researchers believed “the mirrors focused psychic energy”.

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