Coronavirus: Complete list of stores open from tomorrow in Greece

Undersecretary of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias presented the list

The list of stores excluded from the temporary shutdown imposed by the government starting on Wednesday to curb the spread of coronavirus was presented by Undersecretary of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias.

Based on what Mr Chardalias presented to the business community earlier, the following will remain open:

-All retail stores that cover daily and fixed household need, auch as,

-Supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, fishmongers’ shops, fruit and vegetable shops, bakeries, confectionery and liquor stores

-Pharmacies, orthopaedics and medical equipment stores, industrial gas shops

-Hearing aid shops and optics stores via phone appointments

-Delivery or take away shops

-Open markets, provided fresh produce are sold

-Gas stations, car and motorcycle repair shops and bicycle repair shops

-Mini markets, convenience stores and kiosks

-Postal and courier services

-Pet shops, telecommunications service providers, electricity and gas companies

-Agricultural supplies stores, fertilisers and pesticides

-Shops within the country’s airports and ports are also exempt from the general ban

-E-commerce will continue as normal.

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