Covid-19 – Attica under immense pressure, as British mutation spreads

Researcher Pavlakis precited there would nearly 3,000 cases per day if people did not comply with the measures

Speaking to SKAI TV, researcher George Pavlakis raised the alarm, warning that the hospitals of Attica are still in danger of collapsing, while he stated that it is possible to see up to 100 victims a day, adding that if we do not comply with measures, cases will reach 3,000 per day.

“Many say that the measures are unfair and irrational, but it is difficult to find ideal solutions, simple rules are needed,” said Mr. Pavlakis and added: “If we have a war, we must have simple rules applied by all. The ideal thing would be to close it all for 2 to 3 weeks. If it had happened in the first period of the epidemic, we would have calmed down like New Zealand or Vietnam.”

Mr. Pavlakis predicted that, while today we have 20 to 40 Covid-19-related fatalities a day, next week the victims will be over 60 and may exceed 100. “We have not seen the peak. With so many victims we say the simple, be careful, apply the measures “, he stressed, while clarifying that “we are not in the same place we were. We have avoided the catastrophe, which is very important “and he noted, in fact, that “vaccines and spring are coming “, which means that we will begin to see a reduction in cases.

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