Disturbing video shows police snatch child from mom to enforce Covid-19 regulations

The incident occurred in Sydney, Australia

A video showing police officers detaining a mother while forcefully grabbing her crying 4-year old son from her on charges of violating Covid-19 restriction regulations has raised concern.

Renee Altakrity went out for a walk with her four-year-old son in the middle of the day and was wearing a protest sign objecting to the restrictions when she was swarmed by police officers.

In the video, recorded last May, the woman appears to be arguing with a senior police officer, who can be heard saying that she was being detained. Amid the screams of her child, the mother resisted arguing she did nothing wrong, as other police officers surround her. After the altercation got more physical, some passers-by approached and started remonstrating with the overzealous officers and their violent tactics against a mother and her child.

The child can be heard shouting: “MUMMY’S NOT GOING! MUMMY’S NOT GOING! LEAVE MUMMY ALONE!”

Police eventually bundle her into the back of a van, while her son, Isaac, is in the hands of another officer after being snatched from her.

Sydney slapped her with a $1,000 fine.

Sydney lawyer, Mani Shishineh, who undertook her case said he was confident his client would win in court, as he argued that the Covid-19 restriction laws did not specify what someone was wearing during outdoor exercise.

Mrs Altakrity faced criticism over her decision to take her young son to the protest.  She told Daily Mail Australia he had wanted to go because he wants skate parks to reopen.

‘The point for me exercising our rights is to stick up for ourselves and have freedom of speech,’ Mrs Altakrity said.

‘My son wanted to come with me. He said: “Mum can I come? I’d love to put a sign up about the fact that I want to go back to the skate parks and not feel scared”.

‘I don’t keep my kids in the shadows… my children are very aware of what is going on and I think it is very important our children know how to handle themselves and have freedom of speech, even at four.’

video credit: Rebel News YouTube channel