ECDC Covid-19 – Ionian, Aegean and Epirus the only low-risk regions in the EU

Greece has a very good showing overall as it is in the yellow

The regions of the Ionian and Aegean islands, as well as Epirus, are the only areas in Europe in the ‘green zone’ in terms of Covid-19 exposure and performance, according to data released by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for the 14 days preceded by January 14th.

The map image of Greece regarding the spread of the coronavirus shows an improved state, compared to the other countries of the European Union.

At a time when most of the EU countries are in the “red zones” (a high-risk category that arises if the cases of the last 14 days are 50 or more per 100,000 inhabitants in combination with 4% positive tests or if the cases are more than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants), Greece is substantially in the “yellow”, in the recording of the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days, which in combination with the percentage of positive tests, reflects both the rate of spread of the disease and its penetration dynamics in the community.

As can be seen in the map below, the situation is much better (“green”) in Epirus, Ionian islands, and Aegean islands.

At the same time, while most of the countries of the Union are in the “red”, the situation in our country has improved in the index of positivity (cases/number of tests), which has fallen below 4%, according to the measurements announced today Fifth by the European agency and relate to last week.