Erdogan before his visit to Cyprus: “On Monday we will announce good news”

“A message of peace to both the island and the world”

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan will announce the “good news”, as he said, about the Turkish-cypriot pseudo-state in their so-called “parliament” on Monday, saying that they will send “a message of peace to both the island and the world”.

In a statement after Friday prayers at the mosque, the Turkish President stressed that on Monday they would “travel to the TRNC with a large delegation of ours. On the first day, we will address the MPs in the parliament”, he said, referring to the occupied territories.

“I want to give the good news about the TRNC to the TRNC parliament. We are taking a nice step”, he added.

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On Tuesday, he said, “we have ceremonies in northern Cyprus as we do every year. We will carry out our ceremonies with a large delegation and in the evening we will return home”.

Erdogan also claimed that “our ceremonies this year will be a message of peace in the best way both for the island and for the whole world. We will have bilateral contacts, there will be contacts between our delegations”.