Erdogan to Mitsotakis: You will learn well the madness of the Turks

The Turkish President addressed a party meeting

Turkish President Recep Erdogan used provocative language in a direct attack against Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a speech before his party’s members on Wednesday.

Referring to the Greek Prime Minister, the Turkish President said: “We said that the consultative meetings, formerly known as exploratory meetings, should start, and they started last week in Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace. Now the second one (meeting) was to be held in Athens. Mitsotakis (Greek prime minister) has now challenged (me). Now how should we get together with you after you challenge us? You will know your place first. If there really is a pursuit for peace, don’t challenge me, know your place. If you don’t know your place, then (it means that) you kicked the negotiating table.”

“It’s obvious what you are doing on the islands [referring to the de-militarisation of 16 Greek islands]. You are not going to benefit from those you trust. Whatever help comes, know that Turkey standing firm, it can do the right thing. You will learn well about the madness of the Turks “, said the Turkish president, apparently referring to the Turkish government’s request for the demilitarisation of 16 Greek islands.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, he said: “The purpose of the Greek Cypriots is to dominate the island. Annan [ex-UN Secretary-General] himself had told me that ‘I dealt with the matter four times, I failed in all of them’. Turkey is a guarantor force for the Turkish Cypriots and will not do anything negative for them. There is no other solution for Cyprus than the solution of the two states. We are not talking about a federation, there is no such thing on the table, whether you want it or not.”

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