Four Rafale aircraft arrived in Greece

They will take part in the “SKYROS” exercise

The four Rafale aircraft arrived in Greece from Egypt as part of the “SKYROS” exercise, where they were received by Greek fighter jets that accompanied them to the 114th Fighter Wing, based at Tanagra Air Base. They will stay in Greece for three days.

In a statement, French Defence Minister Florence Parly, during the signing of the agreement for the acquisition of Rafale fighter jets, had said that the French air force is participating in the “SKYROS” exercise, with the development of a long-range air force, which will include up to 170 aircraft. , four “Rafale”, two A400M “Atlas” and one MRTT “Phoenix”. Along with the four Rafale a modified French flying tanker – a modified Airbus A330 also arrived.


During the exercise, joint air-to-air, ground-to-air missions will be carried out (ie attacking targets on land and at sea – an exercise in which a ship will also participate), while air supply will also be provided by the French flying tanker.