Grecian Air Seaplanes to launch first routes in Greece in September

It will start with three 19-seater aircraft in the Ionian in September

Grecian Air Seaplanes announced the launch of flights in early September with three 19-seater amphibious seaplanes, with the aim to cover the interconnection of the Greek islands with each other and with the mainland.

According to the company’s announcement, a German fund has invested through AXIONAIR in the creation of the Grecian Air Seaplanes seaplane airline, in which Mrs. Maria Toctor and Mr. Anastasios Govas, President of “Hellenic Seaports” are also a part of, promising high standard for the implementation of the ambitious water development project throughout Greece.

After its initial launch of the 3 aircraft in September, Grecian Air Seaplanes plans to gradually increase to meet the needs of the whole country. According to the strategic plan, the company will have a mixed fleet, as some seaplanes will be privately owned and some leased, with the purchase cost of each seaplane amounting to 7 million dollars.

The flights will start from the Ionian, where the first licensed waterways are located and gradually the company’s flight work will be extended to other island regions of the country, following the course of licensing waterways in the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, North, North in the Sporades and the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

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