Greece a dream destination: Skyscanner survey

The country caters for all tastes

Global reports ranking Greece among the most desirable tourist destinations in the world continue to be published.

According to a survey carried out by the prominent online travel platform”Skyscanner”, Greece is not only a top pick among its users but a dream location.

Besides Greece, other countries on the list for travelers are Japan, Italy, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, Spain, Canada, France, Hawaii, and Iceland.

According to the responses of the travellers that took part in the survey, the reasons for picking  Greece, are the Greek islands, which are described as a mixed box of chocolates, as each has its own taste.

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There are literally hundreds of islands to visit, each with its own untouched, sandy beaches, beautiful ravines, and stunning cliffs.

Mykonos is ideal for parties, but if the visitor is after a more authentic experience, then the typical island towns and deserted beaches of Kefalonia and Crete is a perfect choice. Finally, the platform recommends tourists definitely include Athens and Thessaloniki on their bucket list, as they stand out for their vibrant life and attract the younger generations, along with creative people from all over the world.