Greece and US sign Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (video)

The US will have expanded access to Greek bases

Greek Foreign Minister and his US counterpart Anthony Blinken signed the five-year Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) between the US and Greece, included in the third round of Strategic Dialogue of the two countries.

The new bilateral agreement was co-signed by Anthony Blinken and Nikos Dendias, who is in Washington for the last few days, holding a series of diplomatic contacts, including with prominent members of Congress.

The content of the agreement includes important possibilities for the American armed forces to further develop in Greek areas of interest, ie in Alexandroupolis, Souda, Litochoro, Stefanovikeio, and Larissa. Specifically, as reported, the US Armed Forces will gain official access for exercises at the Litochoro firing range, the right to relocate to the 1st Army Air Brigade in Stefanovikeio, Magnesia, and to be stationed in institutionalized facilities at the port of Souda, in Crete.

Especially for Alexandroupolis, its geopolitical significance in the wider region becomes even more prominent by the Agreement, as it will be the main host of the US military forces so that they can be stationed there systematically in order to carry out operational activities in Eastern Europe. In the last year, American forces have been stationed in the camps of the 4th Army Corps in the area and are using port facilities in the city.