Greece sells 12-month T-bills

The issue raised 1.3 billion euros from the market

Greece on Wednesday successfully auctioned a 12-month Treasury bill issue raising 1.3 billion euros from the market. The return of the issue was set at 0.25 pct, evidence of the very positive climate prevailing in capital markets for Greece after a successful completion of a 10-year bond loan on Tuesday. Bids submitted totaled 1.888 billion euros, 1.89 times more than the asked sum of 1.0 billion euros.

The Associated Press reported on the issuance of the 10-year bond, with the agency stating that “Greece raised €3 billion on Tuesday, the third bond issue this year, managing to meet most of its borrowing needs before the end of the year.

AS AP reports, the government says a successful exit to the market is a “vote of confidence” in international markets for Greece, with Finance Minister Christos Staikouras commenting: “For the second time since the outbreak of the pandemic and despite the difficult economic situation, the country addressed us successfully in the markets “.

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