Greece Weather: Rains on Monday, heat wave with 40 degrees from Tuesday

True Greek Summer temperatures

Unstable weather is expected on Monday with rains or thunderstorms from noon onwards, mainly in the central and northern part of Greece.

The phenomena will be locally intense and in some cases will be accompanied by hail.

The temperature will range in Western Macedonia from 12 to 31 degrees, in the rest of Northern Greece from 15 to 33, in Central Greece from 15 to 36 degrees, in Epirus from 15 to 34, in the rest of the mainland from 17 to 35 degrees, in the islands of Ionian from 18 to 33 and in the islands of the Aegean and in Crete from 17 to 33 degrees Celsius.

The winds will blow in the Aegean northwest with up to 5 Beaufort and in the Ionian from the west up to 4 Beaufort.

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A few clouds are expected in Attica, which will increase during the hot hours of the day.

The winds will blow from different directions between 3-4 Beaufort.

The temperature will range from 21 to 31 degrees. A few clouds are expected in Thessaloniki, which will thicken during the hot hours of the day. The winds will blow south southeast up to 4 Beaufort. The temperature in the city will range from 19 to 31 degrees.