PM Mitsotakis: 7.2 million vaccinations in Greece

The PM urged the youth to get vaccinated

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said 7.2 million vaccinations have taken place in Greeve so far, speaking at the new Vaccination Centre in Ioannina on Friday. The Prime Minister, in his statements, made reference to operation “Freedom” urging all citizens to get the vaccine.

“We visited the mega Vaccination Centre, which was set up in a short time and will start operating next week. This is an important infrastructure, which is added to the wider area of ​​Ioannina. More than 103,000 vaccinations have been given in Ioannina, 7.2 million in Greece”, said Mitsotakis.

“Operation Freedom is moving forward with great speed and great efficiency. We are still hovering around the 100,000 vaccinations on a daily basis. However, the important thing from now on is to convince all our fellow citizens, as the platform is now open for all ages, to rush and be vaccinated, especially our youth, who have the opportunity to be vaccinated, must do so and I am sure that we will meet this challenge in order for our young people to fully regain their freedom, to have a carefree and relaxed summer. I’m sure we will see more involvement in the vaccination platform. We now have at our disposal all the vaccines we need, in order to vaccinate those citizens who want it, and I am sure that this will happen,” the prime minister added.

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