Greek actress: “Director of National Theatre failed me for being ‘too moral’ for acting

Many revelations have come to public light about sexual harassment and misbehaviour in the Greek entertainment field

A Greek actress who became famous for her role in the ANT1 series “Knives of love”, claimed the artistic director of the Greek National Theatre had failed her during her examinations because she “was too moral”.

Dimitris Lignadis, whose resignation the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni was rumoured to have requested, has been under fire following the barrage of revelations about sexual harassment and physical abuse in the field.
In a post on Instagram, after the rumoured removal of Dimitris Lignadis from the position of artistic director of the National Theatre, actress Teta Savvati shared her own experience about the well-known actor and director.

“The ‘gentleman’ you see when I went to take an exam for the Ministry of Culture failed me by telling me that I am too moral for the theatre,” the actress wrote.