Greek Foreign Minister Dendias warns Turkey historical revisionism could become a boomerang for her

He said Greece was in the right regarding its islands’ continental shelf

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias warned Turkey that its historical revisionism in interpreting the Treaty of Lausanne could become a boomerang.

Speaking in an interview with daily newspaper “Ethnos” the top Greek diplomat laid out Greece’s position in the Balkans and the tripartite co-operation forums that have been forged not only in common interests but also in common values ​​with a long-term horizon.

When asked about Turkey’s threats to start seismic research and oil drilling inside Greek waters near the coasts of islands, Nikos Dendias pointed out that it is clear that Greece’s right under the Sea Law for the continental shelf applies automatically (ipso facto) and from the beginning (ab initio) without subject to any restrictions.

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“Furthermore, international law is very clear on the islands, regardless of its vague invocations by many Turkish officials, who are simply exposing themselves: Article 121 of the Law of the Sea explicitly provides that islands, regardless of size, are full, maritime zones, similar to the mainland “.

“Turkey should pay more attention to the Treaty of Lausanne and treat it with respect and without revisionism. “Revisions and ‘grey zones’ could be boomerang on her,” notes Nikos Dendias in a stern tone.

Regarding the negotiations with Egypt and Italy on the delimitation of maritime zones, Mr. Dendias stressed that the constant pursuit of Athens is the delimitation of maritime zones with all its neighbours, including Turkey.

Referring to the provocations of Turkey on Greece’s northeast borders in Evros, he emphased that the expansion of the fence will strengthen border security and protection. “We are prepared to face any hostile action, no matter where it comes from. Of course, we have considered many different scenarios, “said the Foreign Minister.