Greek rapper Mad Clip’s funeral (video)

He was killed in a car crash on Thursday

The funeral procession of the popular Greek rapper Mad Clip is taking place in Paleo Faliro with thousands of friends and fans paying their finals respects to the artist who was killed in a car accident on Thursday, September 2, on the seafront boulevard.

The funeral is taking place at the Church of Panagitsa of Paleo Faliro, where many rushed early to say goodbye to the artist. Many youths, dressed in black, are standing in the churchyard: others holding a flower in their hands, others talking to each other about the tragic car accident and the death of their beloved singer. From the first moment, Tamta and Paris Kasidokostas were in the Holy Temple.

Some of the young people who were in the temple put his songs out loud from the car speakers with them singing his lyrics.

The religious funeral mystery is expected to start at 16:30 and then the casket will be taken in the cemetery of Paleo Faliro.