Greek TV hostess Iliana: Greek vegan influencers ate lamb at Easter! (video)

She said they can’t be waving the finger at others while eating lamb during Easter

Greek actress and TV show hostess, Iliana Papageorgiou, did not hesitate to call out well-known Greek vegan influencers on social media, who, as she said on TV, were quick to reprimand others on a number of issues, like bullying and veganism, they themselves had quite a feast during Easter, honouring the traditional consumption of meat tit-bits.

As Iliana, who has over half a million followers on her Instagram, said on her show on Alpha TV, the vegans really enjoyed the Easter meaty delicacies, while preaching veganism to the others on their social media.

“These very ‘nice things’ that we can see on Instagram with the influencers who are chiming in about bullying, meat-eating, becoming vegan and waving their finger at others…and at Easter, you just ate a lamb, as I learned… I will never give anyone on ‘air’, but when you wave your finger… Keep everything to yourself, because eyes are everywhere” said the presenter/model.

Η Ηλιάνα Παπαγεωργίου «αδειάζει» τις Ελληνίδες vegan influencers from on Vimeo.

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