I am not Albanian, but Greek, triple Olympic gold-medal winner Pyrros Dimas tells famous Greek journalist

The article extolled his stance against Golden Dawn in the past

“I am a Greek, born in Albania”, triple Olympic weightlifting gold medal winner for Greece, Pyrros Dimas replied to an article reference about him, while the author was describing a past incident between Dimas and members of far righty Golden Dawn in Parliament.
The former PASOK MP, who is currently the technical director for USA Weightlifting, reacted to an allusion by renowned author and journalist, Elena Akrita in an article in the newspaper “Ta Nea”, where she wrote he was of Albanian origin.

In the piece, the journalist recounted a past incident, extolling Dimas’s stance during an encounter with a member of Golden Dawn almost 5.5 years ago.

“Honorary mention to Pyrros Dimas. In 2014, when MP Nikos Michos gets up to slap Petros Tatsopoulos, Dimas, then a PASOK MP, rushes and blocks his way, warning him not to dare to take a single step. Michos recoils as Kasidiaris yanks back to the seats. Our champion of Albanian origin – yes, it matters – with his attitude teaches a lesson of democracy to the entire Greek Parliament. Honorary mention to Petros Tatsopoulos “.

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However, her reference to the “Albanian origin” of the Olympian and former MP, prompted the reaction of Pyrros Dimas who -as revealed by the news portal himara.gr- sent a message to Elena Akrita, in which he said: “Hello Mrs. Akrita. I would like to thank you for your reference to my person in your article in “Nea”. Allow me only one correction. I am not of Albanian origin. I am a Greek, born in Albania, a child of the minority. Of course, it was probably inadvertent, I just wanted to point it out. Be well and thank you very much “.