Impressive traditional wedding in 1821-style in Trikala, Greece (video)

Tradition is never out of fashion

A couple from Trikala wanted to celebrate in the most special way the anniversary for the 200 years of the 1821 Greek Revolution on the most important day of their lives.

Specifically, they performed their wedding keeping all the customs and traditions, while the groom, the bride, the best man and their friends were dressed with clothes referred to the era of the Greek Revolution.

The wedding of Apostolos Costarellos and his beloved Arianna, originally from the Ural Mountains of Russia, took place in the Byzantine Church of Porta Panagia just outside Trikala.

The groom started from his village, Gorgogiri, armed, dressed in traditional costume and riding a horse, and arrived with his friends and best men, after 3 hours of riding through the forest, to the church for the wedding.

There he welcomed the bride who arrived in an old-style carriage. This was followed by the wedding in the presence of a small number of guests, due to the measures in force for the coronavirus.

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