International Photography Awards 2020 (amazing photos)

Incredible photography

The International Photography Awards (IPA) showcase talented photographers from around the globe, delivering a collection of stunning images. The topic for this year’s single-image contest was movement.

“The idea that everything moves, changes, and evolves, is such a great concept to explore through photography. It’s been inspiring to see how photographers of all levels of expertise have captured this concept in its many forms — universal, abstract, human, and machine. Even though it seems the whole planet has almost come to a standstill, through these images we see that life goes on and moves forward,” Hossein Farmani, the IPA’s president and founder, shared in a press release.

Participants ran with the theme, producing a series of stunning photographs. From a graceful flying frog to dozens of Chinese farmers methodically carrying out their daily chores to a snow-covered Porsche in the Austrian Alps, here are the winners.


Anne Mason-Hoerter won the Photographer of the Year award with her dynamic and intricate shot of wild carrots. It took Mason-Hoerter over 50 attempts to get the result she desired. She was also awarded first place in the Fine Art category.

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