Mitsotakis at Europe 2021: The pandemic did not stop our reform plan

“We used it as an opportunity to offer a range of digital services to citizens – We will invest €32 billion in transforming the economy”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis raised the need to start now the discussion on the vaccination certificate, without this being the necessary condition for travel, speaking at the online conference “Europe 2021”.

“The vaccination certificate removes the need for the travel test”, the Prime Minister said, adding, “Let me make it clear again: everyone will be allowed to travel, it will just make it easier for those who have been vaccinated. I agree that now is not the time to make a decision, but now the debate must begin”.

“Now we have to look to the future and ensure that there will be no new delays in the next deliveries of vaccine doses”, the Greek Prime Minister stated during his speech at “Europe 2021”.

“Pharmaceutical companies should honor the contracts they have signed with the European Union. The vaccines that are coming are important”, continued Kyriakos Mitsotakis, adding: “For example, we should have sufficient doses of that of Johnson & Johnson. It is important because it is a single dose, it can be stored more easily and the vaccine can probably be given in pharmacies. We must be ready to speed up the vaccination process”.

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Referring to Greek-Turkish relations, the Prime Minister noted that “Greece seeks to resolve its only dispute with Turkey, namely the maritime zones”.

However, he added: “I am not naive, but I want to see consistency on the part of Turkey. In general, the European Council has moved in the right direction. I do not hide from you that sometimes I would like more support. The threat of sanctions against Turkey must be credible, otherwise it will not work. The European Union must be strengthened geopolitically”.