Monkeys kill mom and four kids after pushing wall onto them in India

The family was sleeping outside due to excessive heat

A mother and her four children were killed when they were crushed under the weight of a wall pushed over by monkeys in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to the Daily Mail, which cited a report by the Times of India, the five victims were killed by pieces of masonry that fell on them, as a result of the “violent shaking” of the wall by the monkeys.

At the time of the bizarre accident, the victims were sleeping outside their house, because the ceiling fan had been damaged and they wanted to cool down from the excessive heat. Two of the children of the family survived the incident.

According to the British newspaper, a local official met with the survivors and assured the public that they are receiving the best possible treatment.

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“It was a tragic incident and five members of the family were killed instantly when the wall fell on them,” he said in a statement after inspecting the scene. Uttar Pradesh state authorities offered the surviving family members 400,000 rupees (about $ 5,300) in compensation.