Northern Macedonia: Provocation with the jersey of its National Team in EURO 2021

They are violating -again- the Prespes Agreement


Northern Macedonia qualified for the first time to the final phase of Euro in football and according to the online newspaper “Political” they intend to play as plain “Macedonia”.

In particular, according to the report, only the “Macedonia” will be written on the national team jersey, without the “North” before it. This is a move, which naturally provoked a storm of reactions from the Greek side, as it is a direct violation of the Prespes Agreement.

The Greek Football Federation (EPO) did not leave the provocation on the part of the Football Federation of Northern Macedonia unanswered.

As a first reaction, the Hellenic Federation sent an letter to UEFA.

As underlined in the relevant announcement of the EPO, “any other arbitrary self-determination is outside the universally applicable regulatory frameworks and consequently out of reality”.

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