One-hour blackout on major websites around the world!

The website of the White House, Amazon, FT, Bloomberg, Reddit, Guardian were down

The unprecedented blackout of internet data on major websites around the world, from news outlets such as Bloomberg to Amazon, lasted for about an hour.

The world wide web’s many major media outlets, including The Guardian, Financial Times, The New York Times, Le Monde, as well as Bloomberg News, CNN and the BBC, were down globally today shortly after 13:00 Greek time.

Among them was Inc., which also did not work. Amazon was not immediately available for comment.

Nearly 21,000 Reddit users also reported problems with the social media platform, and more than 2,000 users reported problems with Amazon, according to monitoring site

The White House website was also down, while that of the British government,, displayed Error 503 Service Unavailable at approximately 13:20 Greek time.

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According to the website, the problem was caused by the shutdown of Fastly. It is a provider of web content through the cloud, according to a company spokesman who spoke to the Financial Times.

It should be noted that most websites were gradually restored shortly before 14:00 Greek time.

Fastly said it was investigating “the potential impact on performance with our CDN services,” according to its website.